A Word Before I Go

writing letter

I keep getting emails from WordPress.

“Your domain name will expire in 35 days….29 days….23 days….”.

It is true. I have decided not to renew my domain name. After 10+ years of blogging, I’m letting go. But before I do, I want to catch you up on a few things so you aren’t left hanging.

Refugees/ESL Class
In one year’s time, our average daily class attendance has dropped from 35 to 6. Students graduated or got jobs, and no new ones came in to fill their spots. Still there are people all over the world needing a place to plant their feet and make a life. It doesn’t seem right. Since the start of the new year, we have begun to take on new students again at the rate of 1 per week. I recently ran into two Syrian sisters, both former students, at a clothing giveaway at church. With great pride and excitement, they told me about the jobs they got. They also asked how class was going. Then, in a more sober tone, said, “No Syrians now, right?” Right. We shared a sadness over that.

Wally’s Leukemia
Turns out, the clinical trial we drove back and forth to Columbus for last summer did not have the desired effect. Blood counts are still good, but lymph nodes are growing again. We press on. At last week’s check-up, the doctor laid out all the options and gave his best advice. He then gave us a few months’ reprieve before diving into whatever will be next. We’ll see him in May and go from there.

I dug out a journal I began in 2012 to see what I might make of what’s in it. I work on a piece of it just about every morning. I’m happy with how it’s going so far. I’ve been reminded, though, that writing from personal experience, if it’s to be done well, requires a willingness to return to past events, a willingness to stand in the places I once stood, sit in the chairs I once sat, hear what I heard, feel what I felt, think what I thought. And I need to be willing to carry some of that with me through my day, long after I’ve closed my laptop and walked away. It’s just part of the territory. I wondered, the first week or two, whether I’d made a wise choice, taking it on. I decided yes.

Between that writing project and the mentees I currently try to stay on top of and connected to, I feel very much “right where I belong” and that’s a great feeling, a feeling you can’t buy anywhere.

So I’m letting go of my domain name. I’m not going to pay for it anymore. To be honest, it feels a little sacrilegious, quitting on one’s name, but it’s enough for me to see it on the bottom of a letter and know I’ve done the work I’ve been given to do. You might see me pop up in the comments section of your blog or on Facebook. And I’m on Twitter, looking for and sharing good stuff. Steering clear of rants. You may run into me at a writer’s conference. Most of you know my email address because you’ve written and I’ve written back. It’s not difficult. It’s my first and last name, no punctuation to separate….at gmail.com. Or aol.com. Either one. (I could have just typed it out, but, boy oh boy, that’s usually a mistake.) Jot it down. This post and site will disappear in a certain number of days, I forget how many. WordPress will remind me again shortly.


About Marilyn

Reading, thinking, listening, writing and talking about faith, creativity, ESL for refugees, grief and finding the story in a story. Student of Spanish. Foe of procrastination. Cheez-it fan. People person with hermit tendencies or vice-versa. Thank you so much for reading.
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4 Responses to A Word Before I Go

  1. pastordt says:

    I, for one, will miss this place. I’m sorry the trial drug didn’t help. Life is never dull, is it??

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  2. Dear Marilyn, I have printed out your last blog post so that it won’t disappear. I will save it. I do understand that seasons pass, but friendships don’t, I have enjoyed reading absolutely everything you’ve written and had so appreciated sharing the journey in this way, relating so much to what you’ve written. But it’s so good to know that you’re working on something precious and important that is calling you. In your parting blog post, you’ve left us a lesson in what you wrote about the writing process–about being willing to carry the emotions with you that visiting the past bring up. I’ll share that snippet with our writers’ group.I love you, Marilyn, and will stay connected, even though, not here. I’m celebrating your feeling, “right where I belong.”

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    • Marilyn says:

      I feel honored that you would share that with your writing group. Give them all a hug from me, Belinda! And thank you for celebrating with me. Keep writing…..and baking pies!


  3. I will be praying for Wally and you in the journey ahead. Hugs and much love.


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